Traffic And Your Commute

If you live in a Toronto zip code, you are daily contending with the movement of over two million other people. Factor in three million more living in the Greater Toronto Area, and you can start to see why so many people hate travelling back and forth to work every day. Many live in Mississauga so that they can live less expensively while still working in the city, but that means they have even more traffic to deal with.

Keeping your sanity during your commute means planning ahead, more often than not. Fortunately, there are many different ways to avoid the worst of the traffic problems when you live in Toronto, you just have to know where to look. Here are a couple of ideas on dealing with traffic and having a smooth commute to your job.

First of all, be really honest with yourself about whether or not you actually need to drive into work. The entire GTA operates under a nicely integrated public transit system, which includes trains, buses, and subways. If you price it out, you will usually find that paying for monthly or annual passes to the system means you actually save money on gas, maintenance, and general wear on your car. Enough money to buy a few extra necessities for your family.

And taking public transit here is easier than anywhere else in the country. Those systems run all day long, with plenty of stops in the busiest locations. Not only that, you can get some work done online, or even catch a few more minutes of sleep, while you are traveling back and forth.

If you have to drive to work for whatever reason, what you really want to do is avoid the peak traffic hours. Try talking to your boss about flexibility in your work hours. If it's possible to go in and watch the duplex strainers on a schedule which works around rush hour, she might be amenable to letting you come in and leave earlier.

Some people don't have the ability to take options shielding them from the rigours of rush hour traffic. If that's you, there is one last hope for saving your time and sanity during the busy hours of the day. Switch on the radio. Most channels have regular updates during peak times which can help you avoid really bad sections of your commute. With the assistance of a GPS, you might even find a faster alternate route which helps you to avoid all the traffic.

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