Public Transportation

When moving to a new city one of the most confusing things can be just finding your way around. You need to know how to get to work every day and where to bring the kids to school and map out the best routes to get from your home at Square One condominiums to all of those other locations. Luckily for those living in Toronto, there are plenty of options to get you where you're going at any time of the day. Here are some tips to help you navigate the city.

The subway is the fastest way to get across the city in daylight hours. If you're trying to get from your commercial mortgage broker on Avenue and back to you office on Lawrence in less than an hour this will be your best bet. There is a line running from Kennedy Avenue to Kipling Street along Bloor and Davenport and another line in the shape of a horseshoe with ending points at Downsview to the west and Finch to the east. Its centre stop is at Union Station on Front Street. There is also a new smaller line that runs through the north of the city along Sheppard Avenue and the Rapid Transit goes through high traffic areas of Scarborough.

Those headed to locations off of the subway line can usually find alternative public transportation with the many different streetcar and bus routes. While during peak hours you may feel that you are packed in, it's still the most efficient way to get from A to B. The Toronto Transit Commission website can provide you with transit maps for the entire Toronto Area and parts of the GTA.

If you choose to drive in the city than you should be careful in the downtown area when it comes to one-way streets. Toronto was not built on the grid system that is used in places like New York City and if you don't know the area well it can become quite frustrating just finding a place where you can turn in the right direction. If you're running a business or doing something else where you will need to commute through the city often you should consider buying a city parking permit for areas that you will frequent. If not, there are many public lots throughout the city.

If you would like more information about city transportation initiatives, like street repairs or when the next garbage day will be scheduled you can check the city website or with your local councilman's office.

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