Interior Decorating Ideas

Buying a brand new home always presents so many possibilities for a new interior decorating scheme. Some people are excited by the prospect of planning the entire interior theme in their new home and others are positively terrified by the idea of attempting to coordinate something that big. Whether you're looking forward to decorating the new house or not, this article should give you some ideas that can help you get started. Remember: it's best to nail down a scheme soon after you move in to avoid unconsciously generating a hodgepodge effect!

Your home should reflect your personality, so in order to figure out which scheme would be best for your new home, you need to figure out what you like. Are you a big fan of the modern catalog style interiors? Did you fall in love with Renaissance stylings when you were in Italy? Do bright, fun colors and geometric shapes really float your boat? If so, these are all ideas you can run with when thinking of a decorating scheme for your new house. Use catalogs and flyers to find pieces and assemble your dream room on your sketch pad.

If you can't make up your mind on only one scheme, don't worry! If you're equally enamored of Victorian furnishings, Javanese wood textures, and Chinese lacquer, you can easily incorporate all of these elements into your home by giving each room its own theme. Going too over the top may make your home look like a museum, but using different accents or styles in different rooms is actually very common. Just choose the room that suits the style (say the living room for your Louis the XIV pieces and the solarium for your Zen garden) and away you go!

The problem many people run into when they've got a really specific idea of what they want their home to look like is that often stores either don't stock the exact pieces that they want, or they're terribly expensive. To keep this from happening to you, choose only the style at the outset and leave the details (such as which floor lamp to buy and what pattern you want on the wallpaper) so you can decide on them once you see what's available in stores. Don't neglect second hand!

For those people who are really stuck for ideas when it comes to decorating their homes, there's plenty of help available. Visit a bookstore or library for magazines and books full of decor schemes complete with photos or simply turn on HGTV for a few hours. Alternatively, you can always hire an interior decorator to take care of everything for you if you have it in your budget.

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