Condos Versus Townhomes and Downtown Toronto Condominium

When you look at the residential options in downtown Toronto, condos and townhouses seem to be the dominant parties. This is both because of their desirable designs from both a developers and a buyers stand point and because they generally come with more reasonable price tags than their standalone counterparts. But, for some, choosing between a condo and a townhouse can be quite difficult. There are many unique advantages to each home style and it can be hard to tell if you're best suited for a brownstone along King or Bay with all of their in house amenities. Here's a short guide to what you will get with each design.

Let's start with condos. Everyone knows that when you're signing up to live in any Toronto condos that you're sure to be getting some extras for your dollars. Modern condos have everything from an exercise room and entertainment rooms to sometimes on site spas and even a small grocery store or pharmacy. And condos in the future are only going to include more for their residents. If you're hot for the cutting edge, a condo is most likely the right choice for you.

Condos are best suited to people who don't want a lot of extra work with their home. Maintenance is taken care of for you by the condo federation and you don't have to spend too much time putting your home together in the first place. While others are shopping for patio umbrellas, Toronto condo owners have covered balconies or outdoor entertainment settings that are already fully equipped for all of your needs. But, potential residents must remember that when everything is set for you, that means you're given less choice in your home life. This can be a major drawback for some potential buyers.

With a townhouse you definitely have more options when it comes to how you set up and run your home. If you want to be one of the neighborhood's premier decks for summer entertaining, that's your choice. You could also opt for something a little more quaint and intimate. While you are still sharing some walls with residents on either side of you, townhouses come with much more privacy than a condo unit. You get your own space that is not controlled by any overseeing party.

Some townhouses do come with maintenance packages and amenities for the residents living in that larger complex. These can include a pool or gym facilities or a park area that is exclusive for those living around it. If you're interested in the design of downtown Toronto condominiums but still want less responsibility with your home, maybe you should look into units like these. You could find the perfect balance between the two styles.

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