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Toronto is the central hub of just about everything for Canada. It's where mutual funds change hands on the Toronto Stock Exchange, where most of the film and television is shot, and of course the city is also home to some of the nation's largest and most respected colleges and universities. If you're moving to Toronto in the hope of getting a top notch education, have a look at some of the schools you'll have to choose from. There are more post secondary schools in Toronto than you can count, but these are the top contenders.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto, or U of T as it is known locally, is the largest university in Canada. With more than 45,000 full time students on three campuses, this university is larger than many of its students' hometowns. They offer almost every degree program under the sun, from science courses that could lead to you becoming a designer to theater. However there are two factors that often hold students back from applying. The first is the high cost, and the second is the sheer size, which can make it hard to get noticed. It's where you need to be if you want to study medicine, though.

York University

York University is another of Canada's biggest schools and the one that will likely be the first choice of students hoping to go on to become Riverside bankruptcy lawyers, since it's got one of the most well respected law programs in the country. Student population is nearly 50,000, but you might risk disappearing into the fold for a shot at something utterly unique: the chance to work on the space program. York is a major research school, and the CSA is one of their beneficiaries.

Ryerson University

Ryerson is a slightly smaller school with a student body of about 30,000. It has the usual programs in arts, sciences, management, and business, but its real attractions lie in its specialty programs. If you're into blueprints and power distribution blocks, Ryerson has a top rated engineering program where you can specialize in the elusive aerospace discipline. Other specialty programs at Ryerson include journalism, fashion design, image arts, and interior design.

Ontario College of Art and Design

As one of the most respected art colleges in Canada, students come to OCAD hoping that their post-modern pieces will get noticed. Here you can earn a full bachelor or masters degree in many art related subjects including fine art, criticism, curator studies, media, and advertising. If you're a photographer, painter, drawer, or sculptor or are interested in the arts, competition is fierce to study under the well-known artists in residence.

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